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Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioner


Installation of Ecofrost Solar air conditioners is the most important step from us, the manufacturer to our end-user. The result of installation will decide overall performance, including life and use of the solar air conditioner. Ecofrost solar air conditioner units collects solar heat energy by a thermal siphon solar collector or a flat plate collector. These solar air conditioners also can operate with efficiency at night or on cloudy days. Ecofrost solar air conditioner units use a thermal storing energy tank like a thermos in the solar collector to help store solar heat energy.



Solar air conditioner units are similar to traditional air conditioners. Solar collector helps provide more efficiency to the solar air conditioner when placed in the sun. Shorter piping connected to the solar collector from the outdoor and indoor unit for better cooling results.  They are to be installed by a professional, installed according to the requirements of the installation manual. 

Solar collecting tubes placed right in front of the Condensor fan absorb both the solar thermal energy and the heat radiated from the Condensor making it highly effective and efficient. 

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