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How to install

AC manual Diagrams image only-02.png

Name of each part and function

1. Control panel
2. Up/down air swinging fins
3. Air outlet
4. Left/Right air swinging fins
5. Caster
6. Cable (power cord and plug)

Name of each part and function -Rear

1. Hot air outlet grill
2. Lower air inlet grill
3. Higher air inlet grill
4. Power cord hooks
5. Water tank I chassis
6. Water drain mouth
7. Plug

AC manual Diagrams image only-03.png

Place the portable air conditioner in a flat location where the air outlets cannot be covered up. Place the unit no less than 50cm away from a wall or other obstacle.

  • Fix the square end of the exhaust hose to the hot air outlet grill at the back of the appliance.

  • Place the other end (discharge) to the nearest window. The length of the air exhaust hose is between 600mm to1500mm ; use the minimum length when working.

  • When mounting, try to keep the air exhaust horizontal and not enlarge or connect it to other discharge as this can cause malfunction.

Selection of installation location

AC manual Diagrams image only-01.png
AC manual Diagrams image only-04.png

Air exhaust hose mounting method


AC manual Diagrams image only-05.png
  • The exhaust hose should be not longer than 2 meters. never make any hose extension by yourself.

  • Never bend the exhaust hose excessively when the appliance is working, over-bent exhaust hose possibly causes malfunction.

  • Always keep the exhaust hose at its shortest length and as straight as possible when the appliance is working to have high cooling efficiency.

  • Never move the appliance by pulling the air exhaust hose attached to the back of the appliance.       

  • Correct exhaust hose mounting shown below, If mounting in the wall, the height of the hole should be 40cm-130cm.

The wrong hose bending (exhaust hose is bent excessively), easily causes malfunction.

AC manual Diagrams image only-07.png

If the air exhaust hose needs to be bent, the correct hose bending shown as below.

AC manual Diagrams image only-06.png

Installation Accessories

Air exhaust hose with adapters ......................... 3/set 
stretches  from  14 1/4" (36cm)  up to 60
 5/8" (150cm )FF
Window adapter ................................................. 1pc         
Window slider kit................................................ 2/set
stretches from 33 1/2" (85cm) up to 48 3/8" (123 cm)
Drain pan................................................... 1 pc

AC manual Diagrams image only-12.jpg

Window slider kit installation

AC manual Diagrams image only-08.png

Window slider lenth
Min. 33 1/2’’ (85cm)
Max. 48 3/8’’ (123cm)

AC manual Diagrams image only-10.png
AC manual Diagrams image only-09.png

Window slider lenth
Min. 33 1/2’’ (85cm)
Max. 48 3/8’’ (123cm)

AC manual Diagrams image only-11.png

Water drainage methods

Water drainage

When in cooling mode, water from the evaporator will flow into a water tank. When the water reaches the low level mark, the water pump will start operating. When the water in the water tank rises to high level mark, control panel LED displays 'Ft' ( 'Full Tank' as mentioned in the section on 'SELF-DIAGNOSIS'), meantime, the compressor will stop operating but the water pump, fan motor will continue to operate. At the same time, the Water Full lamp will light up until the water level drops below the high level mark or when drained out manually. After the Water Full Light is off, the appliance will work normally.

Water can be manually drained out by using a drain hose(not included in the accessory). Alternatively, unplug the drain mouth and allow the water to flow onto the drain pan by placing the pan under the drain mouth, then dispose of the water.

Move the unit slightly when the Water Full light is on. This is to prevent water overflowing from inside the unit.

AC manual Diagrams image only-15.jpg

Maintenance and service

Cleaning the air filter

AC manual Diagrams image only-14.jpg

Clean the dust filter once every two weeks of operation. This could keep the air conditioner working efficiently

  • Take out the air filter from the side

  •  Wash the air filter by immersing it gently into warm (about 40 °C or 104 F) water with a  neutral detergent,

  • Rinse the filter off detergent and dry it thoroughly in a shaded place.

  • Insert the filters back into their original positions.

Maintenance methods

  • Before cleaning or maintenance, turn the appliance off by pressing the ON/OFF button, then always unplug the appliance from the mains socket.

  • Do not use chemical solvent ( like benzene, alcohol glazer) to clean the surface of the unit. Never spray insecticide liquids or similar.

  • Clean the surface of the unit with a damp cloth, then dry with a duster or similar.

End of season operation

  • Take out the plug from the drain mouth to drain the water onto the drain pan and dispose of the water. Then operate the unit in fan mode for half a day until the pipe is dry.

  • Switch off the unit and disconnect the plug from the power supply.

  • Tie the cable up with the cable hooks on the back of the appliance.

  • Wrap the appliance with the plastic bag and keep it in a dry place

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