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Since 1986 and counting...

Welcome to Swarna Samanala Group!

With over 37 years of successful operations, Samanala Graphics (Pvt) Ltd. has evolved from its origins in paint and paper printing to become a trusted provider of economical and cost-effective products and services in Sri Lanka.


Our journey includes expanding into financial services and investments through Swarna Business Development (Pvt) Ltd. Today, we are proud to have built a solid market presence and a reputation for excellence.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability led us to establish Creative Eco Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., where we focus on delivering diverse consumer products and solutions.

Explore our website to discover how Samanala Graphics Group can meet your needs, and thank you for considering us as your trusted partner.

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string hopper maker

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Start your business from home,with the new and improved Automatic 
String-hopper Maker. 


Maker your string-hoppers effortlessly with the simple turn of a handle.
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portable ac

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