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String Hopper Makers

Our String-hopper makers are designed and manufactured in Sri Lanka, from at least 60% of materials being locally sourced. They are designed to become an integral part of your life, whether it's your home or the restaurant. Our

string-hopper makers can produce string-hoppers effortlessly without the strenuous process of pressing them by hand.


They are built for long lasting operation and portability and comes equipped with a one year limited warranty for a special introductory price.

Automatic string Hopper Machine

Effortless all-electrical operation with the push of a button Capable of producing

a minimum of 20 string hoppers

per minute


Manual String Hopper Machine

Rotate the handle easily to produce string-hoppers within minutes. 

Capable of producing a minimum of 10 string hoppers per minute

Heavy Duty Grinder

This Machine can be purchased at  2.5LTR, 5LTR  and 7.5LTR capacities with one year warranty.